About Us

Just like you, we at Hometown Travels LOVE to see what is beyond our hometown. And, we love to travel in style without paying the premium to do so. That's why our affiliation with Palm Coast Travel, a member of the Signature Travel Network, is so important. We have wonderful working relationships with the world's top cruise lines, tour companies and hotels. We are part of their on-going education process, which means we always know what's new and happening. We have a passion for the best, and that's what we deliver to you.

We know your travel dreams are as unique as you are, and we enjoy serving the most discerning traveler. Once you complete your travel profile with us, we can match our special offers to your interests. We excel in looking after all the details for you. The Signature Travel Network has destination experts for us to call upon anytime, and they've been providing a top-notch experience for travelers for almost forty years.

Biography: My love for travel began at a very early age. As a little girl I remember listening to relatives talk about their journeys and I would dream of going there some day. Shortly after High School I attended the International Air Academy in St. Louis, Missouri. It was there that I received my Passport to the world. That training led me to work for Jet American Airlines in Long Beach, California. It was a great way to learn from the Inside all about the importance of taking care of every detail for clients.

I took a break from the travel Industry to get married and start a family. When my daughter entered high school I wanted to get back into travel. I joined a local Travel Agency and found it to be the perfect place to "get back into the loop".  The experience was priceless.  When my family farm started going thru a lot of changes, and my family was once again growing. I wanted the flexibility of working from home. With the assistance of Palm Coast Travel and Signature Travel Network I established Hometown Travels, LLC. My dream has come full circle and I can't wait to help you plan your next dream.

Top Destinations: Alaska, Hawaii, and all of the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Ireland

Specialties: All Inclusive Travel, Small Group Tours, Adult Only Resorts, Cruising, Romance Travel

Recent Trips: The most memorable trip I have been on has to be the 14 days I spent touring Ireland. Followed closely by the 12 days I spent in Alaska. This past year I was able to spend a long weekend in Puerto Vallarta and had the wonderful experience of visiting Jamaica.


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